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IRS Property Seizures

An IRS property seizure is an extreme measure taken by the IRS when all other collection attempts are not fulfilled. This usually comes after notices, a lien, or a levy is placed against you. They may be a rare occurrence, but they do happen, so it is best to take care of your past due taxes before it gets to this point. For information on getting a qualified tax debt professional, contact New York Tax Attorney Service at (347) 535-4017, today.

What is an IRS Seizure?

A seizure is a step the IRS takes, that allows them to actually seize your property and sell it to get the money they are owed. This can include a house, a boat, or a car. The IRS can also file a levy against your bank account and seize your finances. You normally have 30 days after you receive a notice, before they actually seize your property.
Before the IRS can legally seize your property, they have a procedure that must be met. It is as follows:
  • They must verify that you are actually liable for the amount owed.
  • They must consider other collection possibilities
  • Research must be done about the value of the assets
  • Verify the equity of the assets to make sure the amount will cover the debt owed.
Ultimately, the IRS does not want to have to seize your property any more than you want your property seized. It can take a long time and a lot of paperwork to get to this point, so it is best to take care of it before this. You still have options available, as the IRS has to wait 30 days after the notice is sent. You can set up an installment agreement or a payment plan, so you can pay the amount back over time.

What Should Be Done?

If you have the amount of cash to pay the IRS, it is advisable that you proceed to do that. If you do not have the cash, which most people do not, you can liquidate any assets you have available, to satisfy the amount you owe. Try and make any type of arrangement you can such as an installment agreement or payment plan, so the IRS cannot seize your house or car.
Things can get out of hand quickly when it comes to owing the IRS. The IRS will add penalties and interest to the amount you owe which can easily almost double the amount you owe, and that is before they seize your property. Get more information on penalties and interest.
If you have received a notice of intent from the IRS, do not postpone. Contact the IRS or a tax professional today. New York Tax Attorney Service can connect you with a qualified tax professional, so call (347) 535-4017.

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If your property, whether it is a car, house, or any other important item(s), have been taken away by the IRS then call (347) 535-4017 right now and speak with a tax debt professional about your options with the IRS. The IRS can be fought, but many times you need a professional team by your side to get the best deal for you. For IRS property seizures you need to call (347) 535-4017 right now!