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What is a tax attorney?

A tax attorney is an attorney that specializes in tax law. Tax law is a very complex area of law therefore it is a specialized type of attorney that must know each type of tax law. With the tax laws changing constantly, it can seem an impossible task, but these attorneys enjoy the challenge. If you have tax debt issues and need a qualified tax consultant on your side, contact New York Tax Attorney Service at (347) 535-4017, today.

What type of tax issues are for a tax attorney?

Most of the IRS tax issues that individuals or small businesses face, can be handled by a qualified tax debt professional or even an attorney that specializes in taxes and tax debt. Some attorneys specialize in certain areas and some choose to take on all the types of tax relief. Here are a few examples:

  • An IRS tax levy

    If the IRS is threatening to levy your property or bank account, then you may need the assistance of a tax consultant or maybe a tax attorney. A tax attorney may better know the legality of what the IRS is doing and how to stop the IRS from proceeding to take your belongings.

  • Wage garnishment

    If the IRS is currently garnishing your wages, or if you have received a final notice of intent, then do not delay. Contact New York Tax Attorney Service immediately to be connected with a professional tax consultant. A tax attorney can also stop the actions of the IRS, and keep your money safe call to see if you need one.

  • A federal tax lien

    If the IRS has placed a lien against you, it can cause many problems, with the biggest one being that it can stay on your credit report for 10 years. A qualified tax attorney or tax consultant can discuss your options with you, and assist you in getting the lien removed from your credit report.

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Once you speak with a tax consultant:

Once you have a tax consultant, they will discuss all of your options with you at length. You will decide together, which option is best suited for your tax debt issue, and they will start setting the paperwork up. The following list is a few of the options that may be available to you:

  • Settlement agreement

    A settlement agreement is a good option if you are experiencing financial difficulties or if you do not agree with the amount the IRS says you owe. There are many types of settlements that you and your tax consultant may discuss in order to find the right one for you.

  • Offer in compromise

    An offer in compromise is another type of agreement that can be reached with the IRS. With an offer in compromise, you and your tax consultant will send an offer to the IRS to see if they will accept it. If the IRS accepts you can then pay off your debt in a couple of payments.

  • Innocent spouse relief

    If you have been deceived by your spouse or ex-spouse on their filing practice to the IRS, which resulted in owing taxes, you may qualify for innocent spouse relief. Your tax consultant will discuss all the types of innocent spouse relief to see which one best suits your needs.

  • IRS appeals

    If you have been audited by the IRS, and you do not agree with their findings, then you may qualify for an appeal. You may need an attorney for this long process, since you may want a qualified tax professional who will discuss your options with you, and explain what every step means.

No matter what type of tax issue you have, you can only benefit from having a qualified tax attorney or tax professional on your side. Contact the Murray St. office of New York Tax Attorney Service, today at (347) 535-4017, to be connected to a qualified tax consultant.

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