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IRS Tax Debt Help at the Murray St. Office

The Murray St. office of New York Tax Attorney Service will get you access to the tax debt assistance you need. There are multiple types of tax issues that a person can encounter, and we strive to find each person the right tax consultant for their specific needs. Call the Murray St. office today at (347) 535-4017 to get your free consultation and to be connected with a tax debt specialist.

Tax Debt Issues:

There are a range of different tax issues that can originate from owing back taxes to the IRS. Some of these issues can be easily resolved and others can be much more difficult to combat. No matter what the difficulty is, your best bet is to have an experienced tax debt consultant on your side.

  • Wage garnishment

    A wage garnishment is when the IRS decides to take money out of your paycheck each pay period in order to satisfy your IRS debt. The IRS will contact your employer and order your employer to withhold a set amount of money from your paycheck. This can be a bad situation, as the IRS may not take your other bills into account, which may cause you to fall behind.

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  • Federal Tax Lien

    A tax lien is filed against your credit report to notify lenders or any creditors of your status with the IRS. This can severely hamper your ability to acquire new credit, as well as refinance any existing credit you may have such as home or auto loans. A federal tax lien can stay on your credit for up to 10 years!

  • IRS seizure

    When the IRS decides to invoke a seizure of your property, it can be a very serious affair. The IRS may choose to seize your property such as a house, boat, or car and sell it at an auction to help satisfy your IRS debt. This can cause multitudes of problems and is a very severe tactic of the IRS.

  • Delinquent payroll taxes (Small Business)

    Individuals are not the only ones affected by the actions of the IRS. A small business can also suffer their wrath in the form of penalties. If you are a small business owner and have delinquent payroll taxes, then the IRS will assess a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty is 100% of the original amount owed.

No matter what the tax issue is that you are facing, New York Tax Attorney Service call help. At the Murray St. office we will listen to your tax debt issues and get you access to the top tax debt consultants in the area. Contact us today at (347) 535-4017 for your free consultation and to discuss which tax debt solution is best for you!

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