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At the Murray St. office of New York Tax Attorney Service, we strive to get you the best tax debt assistance available. We have an address at 10 Murray St. New York, NY 10007 for your convenience, and can be reached at (347) 535-4017 for even faster service. Our hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. We have specialists standing by during those hours to assist you in getting you the tax debt help you need. Call today to get a free consultation and to start your journey to tax relief!

Why New York Tax Attorney Service Murray St. Office?

Here at New York Tax Attorney Service – Murray St. location, we listen to your tax debt problems, so we can get you the right professional for your needs. We understand that all tax debt issues are unique, and we will work to get you a tax consultant suited to your specific needs, quickly. Time is of the essence with most tax debt problems, so we work quickly to get the right help in order to help get your woes resolved as fast as possible. Contact the Murray St. office at (347) 535-4017 for your free consultation, today!

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What types of tax issues do we help with?

There are many different types of tax issues that can arise from owing the IRS. Some are issues like penalties and interest, which happens when you get behind on your IRS taxes. The IRS will add penalties and interest to the amount owed, which can make the higher over time; 47.5% higher to be exact. Some issues from the IRS are major like an IRS seizure, which can happen when other attempts from the IRS are ignored. With an IRS seizure the IRS can actually commandeer your personal property such as your home, if you own it, and sell that property to pay your back taxes. A few other issues stemming from owing the IRS are:

Just as there are many types of tax debt, there are also many types of tax solutions. No matter what your tax issue is, we will work to find you a tax debt specialist that will listen to you. One type of tax debt solution is an installment agreement. This is the most popular type of tax relief, because there are several different kinds of installment agreements and they can be the solution for many tax issues. With an installment agreement you can make monthly payments to the IRS for a set period of time, until your debt is satisfied. A few other types of tax relief are:

Contact New York Tax Attorney Service at the Murray St. office to discuss these or any other tax issues or resolutions. You will get a free consultation, and we will work hard to get you the help you need!

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If you are in the 10007 area of New York and are looking for help with tax debt over the amount of $10,000 then contact New York Tax Attorney Service at (347) 535-4017 and you will be connected to a tax consultant who will listen to your situation and analyze it all for FREE. Call (347) 535-4017 right now to see what your options are.