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IRS Tax relief is defined as being any program or incentive that allows you the ability to credit back some of the money you owe in taxes. At New York Tax Attorney Service at the Hanover Square location, we believe that we can get you the kind of tax relief you are seeking. We offer access to tax debt professionals that have many different tax solutions for you to choose from. Call (646) 832-3912 today to get a free consultation and start your journey to tax relief.

Types of IRS tax relief

Deciding which kind of IRS tax relief is best for your IRS tax debt issue is confusing. That is why New York Tax Attorney Service will connect you with tax debt specialists so you don’t have to make these difficult decisions on your own. You and your tax debt specialist can go over all your options, allowing you to make an informed decision. Here are a few of the options that your tax debt professional will likely go over with you:

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  • Penalty abatement – If you owe back taxes to the IRS then you have probably noticed that the amount continues to grow. This is because the IRS adds penalties and interest to past due amounts. If you have a 3 year clear penalty history and all your taxes are filed and up to date, you may qualify for penalty abatement. With penalty abatement, the IRS may remove some of the penalties and interest that accrued on your past due balance, making it easier for you to pay back your tax debt.
  • Installment agreements – Installment agreements are probably the most popular form of IRS tax relief, because they allow you to make monthly payments over a set period time. This can reduce the stress of having to come up with a lump sum payment. There are a few major installment agreements to choose from such as a streamlined agreement, guaranteed agreement, verified financial agreement, partial payment agreement, and a direct debit agreement.
  • Offer in compromise – If you are having a difficult time paying your back taxes, or if you do not agree with the amount the IRS says that you owe, you may want to file an offer in compromise. With an offer in compromise, you will send an offer in to the IRS, with a 20% down payment, and wait for a response. You can continue to make payments until you hear back from the IRS, and once they accept your offer, you can pay them in a lump sum or in a few payments.

With these, and many other tax debt solutions, you should feel confident that your tax issues can easily be turned into tax relief. At the New York Tax Attorney Service – Hanover Square office, we will make sure you get the right tax debt assistance that you are seeking. With our free consultation, you can rest easy, knowing that you are in good hands. Call us today at (646) 832-3912, to see why we are a leader in getting you IRS tax relief help!

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