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How can a Tax Attorney Help You, 10004

Who needs a tax attorney?

Anyone who has back taxes, or other IRS issues could benefit from the assistance of a tax attorney or tax debt specialist. Battling the IRS on your own is nearly impossible, so you should definitely have a qualified professional by your side. For this, New York Tax Attorney Service can assist you in your search for the perfect tax specialist for your unique needs. We offer a free consultation, so call us today at (646) 832-3912 to discuss your options!

Which problems need a tax attorney?

Simply put, any of them! In most situations, you can benefit from the help of a qualified tax attorney or tax specialist. No one knows the complicated tax debt laws better than a tax attorney, after all. Below are a few tax issues and their possible solutions, which a qualified tax debt attorney may come across.

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  • Wage garnishment – With a wage garnishment, you can quickly get into financial trouble, as the IRS may not take your other obligations into account. The IRS will directly contact your employer to have them withhold a predetermined amount of money out of your paycheck each pay period. The best way to combat this IRS tactic is by entering into an installment agreement with the IRS. With an installment agreement you can make monthly payments for a period of time, until your IRS debt is fulfilled. There are a few different types of installment agreements, so make sure you discuss which one is best, with your tax attorney.
  • IRS property seizure – A property seizure is a rare, but harsh, tactic that the IRS will use as a “last ditch” effort to accumulate money on a bad debt. With a seizure, the IRS can legally take your property such as your house, car, or boat and sell it at an auction. The IRS will then put that money towards your debt and the interest that has accrued. If you cannot afford to pay the IRS in full, or liquidate any assets to pay them back, you and your attorney may be able to set up a payment plan or installment agreement.
  • Delinquent payroll taxes (small business) – When you are late on a payroll tax payment, the IRS views this as a broken contract, and the penalties are harsh. Once such penalty is the Trust Fund Recovery which is 100% of the amount owed, which gets added to the already hefty amount you owe. If you have missed a payment, you should immediately contact a tax attorney, and make sure you do not miss another payment. Your tax attorney will be able to work out a type of payment plan with the IRS, to get you back on track.
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There are many reasons why a person or a business may owe back taxes, but one thing is clear: Having a qualified professional on your side, is your best bet at fighting the IRS. If you are searching for a qualified tax debt professional, then you are only one phone call away from finding what you seek! Contact New York Tax Attorney Service – Hanover Square location, today, at (646) 832-3912, to be connected with the professional tax debt assistance for all your needs.

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